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Dubai Emergency doctor beats COVID-19, pens book on unique therapy

Health|: Dubai: A Dubai-based emergency medicine doctor, who had COVID-19, has come out with a book to talk about his journey - and a scientific parallel therapy he came up with. Pakistani expatriate, Dr Ghulam Yasin Naroo, a veteran Consultant Emergency Medicine at a public hospital in Dubai, contracted COVID-19 in the first week of April and successfully battled it through the entire month. His book ‘Four Weeks through COVID-19 as a physician and as a patient’ dwells on what he calls Near to Nature (N2N), a therapy which he claims helped him avoid the ventilator and recover rapidly. The book also goes into his learnings during the challenging illness and celebrates family and community support that helped him battle through the dark days. Dr Naroo, 58, published a medical paper in the Scholink Communication, Society and Media Journal in the United States in November 2020. The paper titled ‘N2N Therapy for COVID-19 Intervention for Effective Clinical Outcome, a Case Study’ chronicles his own clinical outcomes and evaluations based on empirical results. How he averted going on the ventilator HAving treated several COVID positive patients, Dr Naroo said he too contracted the virus and fell seriously ill. Within days of his positive report, a chest X-ray confirmed that his lungs were 70 per cent affected. He was admitted to the Mediclinic City Hospital where he stayed nearly three weeks. Those were the early days of grappling with the illness and doctors were also discovering new clinical aspects of the disease through the patients’ conditions. As Dr Naroo’s condition deteriorated due to pneumonia within the first week of admission and he had trouble breathing, it was decided he would be put on a ventilator. However, he refused to go on the ventilator and instead, devised his own alternative healing strategy, called N2N Therapy, from his hospital bed. He used this therapy in conjunction with the conventional medicines administered to him. While the doctors focused on his antibiotics, antipyretic, steroid doses, he focused on detoxification, strengthening immunity, use of anti-oxidants, which were all a part of his N2N therapy and within a few days, his parameters normalised — much to the surprise of the doctors attending to him. Elaborating on his therapy, Dr Naroo told Gulf News: “When I tested positive for COVID-19 in April 2020, I was in very bad shape with 70 per cent of my lungs impacted by the virus. I was in hospital for 17 days, followed by the 14-day quarantine. I devised the N2N therapy that combines the principles of holistic and alternative medicine and integrates them with conventional medical treatment.” Beating COVID-19 with natural therapy While battling the disease, Dr Naroo understood the anatomy of the disease very well. He explained: “There are two stages through which this disease progresses from the time an individual tests positive. The first stage is the infectious stage that spans from 72-96 hours, which is crucial. During this phase, the viral load keeps increasing and the body needs to strengthen its immune system to fight back. It is during this stage that the first part of the N2N therapy, which is a powerful detoxification regime, is introduced. This regime is a combination of intermittent fasting, consumption of mineral water with high alkalinity, use of anti-oxidants to cleanse the liver and strengthen the immune system, among other things. Although I started a little late, I began with fasting from evening, after early dinner, until breakfast the next morning. It was a good 12-14 hours. I also started consuming about six litres of mineral water with high alkalinity through the day. This water helped cleanse the body. This was combined with glutathione and other anti-oxidants to cleanse the liver. "All these elements worked in perfect tandem to flush out the system, strengthen the immunity and help the body fight back,” said Dr Naroo. “The 12-hour fasting helped accelerate autophagy. Auto means self and phagy means eating. The absence of food triggers the autophagy where the body clears out damaged cells to regenerate newer cells. The water helped in flushing out the system and assisting in the detoxification. There were many other elements and parameters that we were monitoring and I had introduced anti-oxidants, multi vitamins and other regenerative medicines to strengthen by immune system.” In a few days, the illness transitioned to the second stage, said Dr Naroo. Stage 2: Inflammation The next stage of COVID 19 is the inflammatory stage, according to Dr Naroo, where doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and small doses of steroids to help the body fight the inflammation. “After the detoxification in Stage 1, my lung condition improved, fever came down and I was able to ingest nutritionally balanced food. In Stage 2, I introduced the VO2 Oxygen and Reverse Oxygen Therapy, where I measured the maximum volume of oxygen intake, while slowly increasing the level of exercise. This helped me improve my lung performance and restore my stamina,” explained Dr Naroo who always stayed physically fit and had even run marathons in the previous years. Once his body fought back, he was able to test negative and then proceed for the mandatory 14-day quarantine. Use natural detoxification According to Dr Naroo, his therapy not only saved him from the ventilator, but also helped him build his health and immunity in the recovery period during quarantine. According to Dr Naroo, his therapy not only saved him from the ventilator, but also helped him build his health and immunity. Image Credit: Supplied He said: “The message I want to give the community is that make sure you are asymptomatic, you regularly detox your body and remain healthy. If you have mild-to-moderate symptoms, the N2N therapy will help you tide over this without transitioning to the severe or critical stage. In case you are in the severe or critical stage, if you follow this therapy, you will recover faster. In addition, once you test negative and are discharged, your body has only partially recovered and it can deteriorate very rapidly as is documented in all chronic illnesses. So, you need to follow a detail rehabilitation plan to build your strength and stamina,” explained Dr Naroo. Mental health support As part of the therapy required. Dr Naroo strongly advocates the need for mental, psychological and emotional support for a patient post-COVID, especially those who have undergone severe and critical illnesses. Dr Naroo recalls his own post-COVID phase, saying: “Patients who have faced such illnesses in complete isolation and have dealt with the fear of mortality are in a very emotionally vulnerable state of mind. I faced a lot of mood fluctuations and emotional distress during my quarantine and I think globally, people have realised that mental health and psychological support are very crucial. Most countries now have toll-free help lines for recovering patients. This is an essential aspect that needs to be extended to all patients,” added Dr Naroo Patientspeak After having written the book, Dr Naroo was able to help many people in the community follow the N2N therapy and avoid hospital admissions. Liaquat Bhatti was one such person. The 48-year old professional, his 40-year old wife, Zaitoun Fatima, and their 15-year-old daughter tested positive in November 2020. “We had heard from friends about Dr Naroo. So while we were following the treatment protocol at home, I also called him to understand the N2N therapy. We followed all the aspects, having mineral water, antioxidants, multi-vitamins and other advise from him. I can say with confidence that my wife and I greatly benefited from it. While my fever came down in four days and I recovered in ten days, my wife, who had severe heart palpitations and blood pressure spikes, was also able to manage her condition at home. Nazir Ahmed, a 49-year-old professional with a constitutionally weak respiratory tract, also called Dr Naroo when he tested positive in November. “Dr Naroo advised me on several aspects, including boiling water, doing steam for my particularly bad cough and a combination of other aspects of his N2N therapy that greatly benefited me. I did not go to the hospital and recovered well within a week.” However, as a student of empirical study, Dr Naroo has a word of caution: “The N2N therapy works, as my scientific paper, backed by several empirical evidence, indicates. However, this therapy needs to undergo several trials in order to be able to get medical approval for community use. Once the scientific community tests and collates evidence-based results, it will help implement this therapy as a protocol.”

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DHA plans to implement AI-powered technology for remote patient monitoring in Dubai

UAE|: Dubai: The Dubai Health Authority has announced its plans to enhance the use of smart health technologies on the occasion of the UAE Innovation Month 2021. DHA has collaborated with Enpy, a Dubai firm, to explore the use of AI-powered device for remote-patient monitoring. Enpy is a start-up UAE company, based in Dubai, specialising in Medical Artificial Intelligence. It has designed the non-invasive innovative medical device. According to a statement issues on Saturday, DHA is also expanding and adding newer specialisations to its Doctor for Every Citizen telemedicine service. Read More Dubai issues guidelines to parents on preventing spread of COVID-19 among school children COVID-19: Dubai Health Authority conducts inspection of over 7,700 medical facilities DHA Innovation Centre During his visit of the DHA’s Innovation Centre, Awadh Al Ketbi, Director General of the Dubai Health Authority emphasised the importance of fostering and promoting a culture of innovation, particularly in the health sector. He added that the DHA will continue to focus on research, innovation and implementation of smart technologies across all aspects of healthcare delivery and management. At the same time, the authority will continue its focus on medical education and specialisations in the health sector. DHA plans to implement such technologies across its primary healthcare centres to foster its remote patient monitoring initiatives to empower patients, ensure they stay on-track with their health and to aid in early detection. It will also help healthcare professionals by providing them with vital patient data to ensure regular follow-up and better patient compliance. Patient-centred care Dr Manal Taryam, CEO of Primary Healthcare Sector at the DHA, said: “We are keen to use the latest health technologies with an aim to better both healthcare management and patient-centred care. Over the last few years, we have focused on home patient monitoring especially for elderly patients. We have also swiftly foraged into telemedicine. The use of technology for remote-patient monitoring is of particular importance in the current healthcare landscape of the world and we are keen to continue collaborating with firms locally and globally to implement healthcare technologies after an evidence-based analysis.” Companion at home Epsy’s innovative all-in-one non-invasive medical device is paired with a smartphone/tablet application, it is powered by Artificial Intelligence and measures vital signs. It is an all-in-one advanced AI-powered healthcare companion at home, combining integrated medical sensors, embedded electronics, and a unique user-interface to guide users regularly in making the best decisions for their health.